Name : Vana Nava

Directed By : THREE D LANDS

Owner : Vana Nava

Duration : 4.30 MIN

To make it real and more interesting, most of our 3D films have been produced using films shot and mixed with 3D
flythrough. However, one of the most important things for making films is the script. Our creative team creates
specific scripts for each of our films, setting the theme and the concept to make the films more fascinating just like
a short story (some projects; film shooting 90%, 3D 10%). The film shooting will be handled by professional teams
suitable for each project. The tools and equipment we use are of the highest quality and relative to our customers’
needs and budget. Our editing studio is used to increase the films aesthetic value using Roto at selected intervals
throughout the films production. In addition, we will provide and set the system for presentations i.e. visual room,
projector quantity and configuration of additional viewing equipment and apparatus.